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Travoy Jasamarga App Development

Mobile Apps

Travoy – Jasamarga

One of the most challenging jobs Smartek Sistem team has done, as it was done in just one month. Jasamarga is the largest toll road service provider company in Indonesia, we help Jasamarga to create a mudik (homecoming) monitoring application during Eid Al Fitr session, with application specifications based on Android and IoS, API based core system with integration scheme, web based system monitoring, big data capabilities expansion, and IoT & gate integration

Website Based Application System

Yuk Taruh CV

Yuk Taruh CV is a new player in the realm of job provider services in Indonesia. Through intense consultation on business and technical aspects with the Smartek Sistem team, we are helping Yuk Taruh CV to redevelop the core system for their job listing directory, branding & social media activation, and technical manage service

Website Yuk Taruh CV Job Portal
Digital Transformation ERP Anindojaya

Digital Transformation

Anindojaya Swakarsa

Established since 1993 until today as a global trader in the pharmaceutical sector, Anindojaya Swakarsa wants to expand its business through digital. Working with them we help to create a company profile website, email hosting, and Anindojaya internal ERP system solutions

Website Based Application System

Sarawak Product Pavilion – Malaysia

Sarawak Product Pavilion is a business initiation program from the Sarawak government aimed at Sarawak MSMEs entrepreneurs, in a form of marketplace platform with features that can support business progress and promote local products made in Sarawak. We help to create the platform using Go- Lang program language, microservices architecture, big data capabalities, and IoT & voice assistant function.

E-Commerce Development Sarawak Malaysia
Digital Transformation Ombudsman RI

Digital Transformation

Ombudsman Republic of Indonesia

Ombudsman Republic of Indonesia currently has problems managing the organization’s internal data which is still manual. One of the biggest obstacles emerged from PSDM (Human Resource Development) bureau. Smartek helps provide integrated application development solutions. With the initial stages of making the application flow, making mockups, and prototypes. This application will be realized and implemented in stages.

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